Tates Hair Care = Happy Hair

Tate's Hair Care is synergetically designed. You will receive the maximum benefit when you use them together.

The After Color Quad is hands down the best option for all post color sessions.

Why? How?

The Squeaky Clean Clarifying sham gently removes all product residue from the hair and scalp while soothing the scalp with our mildly astringent Hibiscus ingredient.

The Purple Sham tones bassy and unwanted yellow tones in pale blonde a gray colored hair while treating the scalp from ingredients such as Rosemary.

The Super Silky Hydrating sham restores the hairs natural luster and strengthens with ingredients such as Hydrolyzed Rice Protein.

Finally, the ultimate hair life line. Our After Color Keratin Bonding Mask conditioning treatment settles that cuticle layer while infusing deep penetrating peptides with ingredients such as Silk Amino Protein.

Idk what more to say other than These Are Salon and Homecare Staples.

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