Tates Hair Care = Happy Hair

Collection: Trios Detangler Bundle

Tate's Hair Care is synergetically designed. 

You will receive the maximum benefit when using our products together. It aids in your hairs health, strength, length, shape, and color.

Being that it is a plant based hair care product line, it has many penetrating benefits that are antibacterial, prevent hair loss and reduces hair fall, smooth and shines, prevents lice, moisturizes, and treats eczema psoriasis and dermatitis.

Squeaky Clean clarifies impurities with a non-stripping cleanser free from sulfates and parabens. It detox's and restores the hairs natural radiance from product buildup and hard water deposits. It's color safe and contains Certified Organic Extracts.

The plant based properties of vegan shampoo and conditioners reverses hair damage and nourishes your scalp, preventing problems such as dry scalp and dandruff. Natural ingredients in Super Silky hydrating shampoo such as sunflower seed oil and rice protein stimulate healthy hair growth and prevent problems such as hair loss. 

Hydrating and moisturizing with a luxurious vegan conditioner free from sulfates and parabens such as Super Silky Aromatherapy hydrating conditioner enhances hair integrity with natural antioxidants found in Acai'. It's color safe and contains Certified Organic Extracts from Sandalwood, Marina Accord, and Lily of the Valley which are also some of our amazing therapeutic ingredients.