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Squeaky Clean

Squeaky Clean

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Squeaky Clean is a first lather product which clarifies impurities with a gentle non-stripping cleanser free from sulfates or parabens. It detox's and restores your tresses natural radiance from product build-up and hard water deposits. Its color safe and contains certified organic extracts. With ingredients such as lemon, apple, and hibiscus Squeaky Clean also treats and soothes inflammation, dry, and itchy scalp.

Perfect for scalp treatment of dry flakey scalp and removes product buildup. 

Expect minimal lather but don't worry. Its working! Scrub your scalp per usual for best results.

Use as a first lather.

Massage into scalp and stroke length of hair in a downward motion.

If using as a scalp treatment, lather twice and process on scalp each lather for 8 minutes.

Use our Detangler Paddle or Detangler Pod to help scrub the scalp and hair to remedy both heavy product buildup and/or dry, flakey, itchy scalp while Squeaky Clean is processing.

Follow up with a conditioning treatment using our Super Silky Aromatherapy hydrating conditioner.