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Squeaky Clean Extreme

Squeaky Clean Extreme

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Scalp Remedial Shampoo. Treats extreme dandruff and flakey scalp. 

Pretreat scalp to a stimulating massage with our Detangler Pod or Detangler paddle. This process will loosen the scalp debris and promotes blood circulation.

Next, apply Squeaky Clean Extreme to scalp and lather by massaging the product into scalp with your fingertips. Using vigorous motions and massage techniques helps with removing buildup and promotes blood circulation.

Use our Detangler Pod or Detangler Paddle to further loosen scalp debris and stimulate blood circulation while product processes.

Process for 8-10 minutes. 

Rinse and move onto your next step.

Expect some debris to be in the lengths of hair during blowout process but not on the scalp unless you're experiencing some scabbing due to psoriasis. 

Do not pick psoriasis scabs that are not easily lifting off of scalp or you may cause bleeding. Let the product work for you.