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Color Duo

Color Duo

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One 8oz. Purple Sham toning shampoo. Valued at $23.25

One 4oz. After Color conditioning mask treatment. Valued at $44.00

Total savings: $15+

Purple Sham

Use as a first lather.

For problematic scalp conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and/or dermatitis mix evenly with our Squeaky Clean clarifying shampoo and process for 8 minutes.

For stubborn yellow grays and brassiness lather twice. Apply and process each lather for 8 minutes.

For coarse and stubborn grays mix evenly with 20vol creme color developer and process without heat under a plastic processing cap for 8 minutes as a first lather. Follow up with our Squeaky Clean clarifying shampoo as a second lather to efficiently remove all chemical residue. Finish this prep process with our After Color conditioning mask treatment to bring your hair back to its ph sweet spot.

After Color conditioning treatment

•Perfect for extremely dry, brittle, damaged hair. 

Expect heavy mask application with silky smooth finish.

To be used directly after shampoo. Apply to clean, towel dried hair. Section and apply starting at ends working your way towards scalp. Do not apply to scalp! Comb product through each section with our detangler pod or paddle. Pin length of hair off of your neck and place under plastic processing cap. Process under indirect heat for 20-30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Finish conditioning treatment with cold water rinse.